A new feature that brings the new site of Motorent Chile, is that now, when you rent a motorcycle, you will have access to our database with different routes created in Google Maps platform so that you can check them through your smartphone and discover the most attractive places of our country.

Routes nearby Santiago

Viña del Mar – Valparaíso

Two of the major coastal cities of Chile and very close to the capital. They are a very attractive destination to go, especially in summer, when they receive thousands of local and foreign tourists. Valparaiso is known for its architecture and city design, asset that made it become a World Heritage Site by Unesco. While in Viña del Mar the beaches, the International “Festival de la Canción” and tranquility are the most attractive features. In addition, both cities have an active nightlife throughout the year.

Cajón del Maipo

The Maipo River basin covers most of the mountain range area of ​​the metropolitan region and is one of the destinies most visited by tourists. First, because of the proximity to Santiago, but mainly for the beauty of its landscapes. This area includes a large variety of adventure sports that can be practiced and is a popular destination for off road enthusiasts.

Central Coast

Area composed of a variety of small towns and beaches that become the first tourist destination in the summer of the people in Santiago. Its coastline has varied landscapes, each with a different attraction to visit and to enjoy its cuisine and customs. Among these, stands Isla Negra, where is located the house of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

Ski Fields

One of the most attractive places in the nearby’s of Santiago during the winter. In addition to its beautiful mountain scenery, has the best equipped ski centers of the central zone: Portillo, La Parva, El Colorado / Farellones, Valle Nevado. Even during the winter months snow is the main attraction, in summer activities include mountain climbing, horseback riding or hiking.

Portillo, near the town of Los Andes, is a special case: it has spectacular Ski courts that have been involved in World Championships, and where the teams of Switzerland, Italy and Austria regularly train in, among others.

Colchagua Wine Road

Classified as the first wine tourism circuit created in Chile in 1996, this route allows tourists to visit the main vineyards of the Colchagua Valley, for, besides admiring the beauty of the landscapes of the central area, try one of the goods plus characteristic and emblematic of our country.