1. Is there a minimum or maximum period for rent bikes?

    We rent for any period of time, but due to the costs of maintaining and cleaning the bikes, there are certain conditions: if the lease is for a single day, the price increases by 25% and the mileage is limited to 300. For two days there’s no extra price, but mileage is limited to 600 in total. For three days onwards mileage is unlimited.
    If the customer wants to extend the lease, he must advise in advance to verify if the bike is leased to another person. We have special prices for long leases motorcycle groups.

  2. Where to pick up the bikes?

    Our business address is located in the commune of Ñuñoa, located in the eastern sector of Santiago. It is a highly accessible commune, either in public or private transportation, downtown and one of the safest in Chile.
    José Domingo Cañas # 2850 office 504 (map).

  3. Where to deliver the bikes?

    Preferably we operate with the roundtrip system, this means that the bikes are taken and returned to our business address in Ñuñoa. Exceptionally we lease in the form of the one way trip but we caution that has a high cost due to the geographical conditions of our country.

  4. What to do in case of an accident?

    If the bike is assured the customer must pay the deductible (excess) and the insurance cover the rest. If the loss is total, the deductible reaches 15% of the market value of the bike. If the accident is minor, the client pays for damages without recourse to insurance, as the cost of the deductible would be greater than the repair. In Motorent Chile we always seek for the lower cost to our customers. If the bike is not assured, the customer must pay for damages resulting from the accident.

  5. What to do in case of a technical failure of the bike?

    The customer must repair the bike in the area where he’s at; ask for invoice or bill and when he returns the money will be refunded.

  6. What to do in case of burglary?

    If the bike is insured, the insurance covers the costs and the customer covers the deductible stipulated (15% market value of the bike). Otherwise, the customer is responsible for lost the bike.

  7. What is the procedure to leave the country with the bikes?

    In Motorent Chile we have special agreements to expedite the departure of our customers. We are enrolled with the National Customs Service with our fleet registered, which allows us to obtain permission to cross the border into neighboring countries. We hired mandatory international insurance that are required by all countries form the Mercosur. Both documents have a aditional cost that is variable depending of the amount of days that the bikes are abroad. It is recommended to send the information in advance to have all the documentation ready when your trip starts.

  8. Are there complementary items to rent for to the bikes?

    We offer helmets, GPS and documentation to leave the country.

  9. What items are included with the bikes for rental?

    The bike is equipped with one, two or three suitcases, own basic tools of the bike, tire changer, at least one compressor, and spare tubes (inner tube) front and rear.

  10. What are the requirements for renting?

    Being over 18 years old with a national identity card or passport; had a domestic licensed for bikes, foreign and / or international credit card and warranty.