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Iván Reyes is a motorcyclist and lover of motorcycles. From an early age he was captivated by these two-wheeled vehicles, becoming one of the millions of fans scattered across the planet. However, unlike others, he wanted to give a different meaning to his hobby. His dream, besides to drive them, was to share his vast experience with motorcyclists around the world.

Indeed, Iván is an experienced traveler on motorcycles; whether traveling alone or with his travel group composed by 6 Spanish friends who hi has traveled to every continent over the past 10 years. “It occurred to me that instead of buying a single bike, with two or three I could accomplish all at once: mobilize myself around the city, travel through my country and abroad and, why not, see if I could run a business of this nature”, says Iván, about the time that in addition to purchasing his first machine, was associated with Francisca, his oldest daughter, to give life to Motorent Chile.

Crossing Hymalayas in India (2011)

Crossing Hymalayas in India (2011)


“It was 2002 when occurred to me start this business. I discovered that there was a niche here in Santiago because there was no business to meet a demand that I knew existed, since I myself was a customer at the time and did not find a place to rent”, says the founder of Motorent Chile and adds “we trust our idea and we put all our effort in it. At last the time gave us the reason. During the early years we had a very small business with few bikes and obviously few leases, but we didn’t lose faith. As we became known we began to see the need to buy more motorcycles. It was then, by the year 2008, when we made a significant investment in motorcycles, driven by high demand for rentals that we could not meet with the bikes we had. We currently have 20 motorcycles with predominant by BMW and Triumph, and some units of Japanese bikes like Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki to meet a wide range of customers. We favor the needs of the customer and that is why we don’t only leased for long periods, because we understand that there are customers who want to drive a motorcycle even for a single day”, confirms the creator of this company. “Things have changed a lot. We currently have orders for many people who come for several days traveling alone or in groups and are able to meet this growing demand. In short, our philosophy is to satisfy the customer’s needs, prioritizing their interests over ours and we can do it because we have the right vehicles and the experience necessary to understand their needs”, adds Iván about the spirit and the way of how Motorent Chile do things.

The bikes

In addition to the latest models from brands like BMW motorcycles and Triumph, the main feature and soul of the company, are the variety of brands and models of motorcycles. This aspect is something that has concerned Motorent Chile to strengthen to offer clients a wide range of possibilities: “The bike you’re going to choose will always depend on the trip you want to do. There is no such a thing as an absolutely ideal motorcycle, all have something that makes them superior to another in a given journey. The choice of the bike depends on several factors and proves to be a crucial aspect for the success of the trip”, says Iván.

Road to Salar of Uyuni, Bolivia.

Road to Salar of Uyuni, Bolivia.

The next steps of Motorent

Motorent Chile is a young enterprise, but experienced. “We are installed in the domestic market but especially in the foreign market that is about the 90% of our clients. We’re known in the United States, Europe and Asia, and South America, where is our main market, that is Brazil. Many of our customers have traveled with us several times and have recommended us, grateful for the good experience of your trip with us”, says the brain of this company, a medical professional with graduate degrees, and who is already is planning the next natural steps that they will be making in a short or medium term: “What comes to Chile Motorent what could be summarized in one sentence: We have the right bikes and a big experience in what we do, therefore we will start guided tours for groups of tourists with guides, mechanics and support vehicles as needed. Develop domestic routes to Patagonia, Carretera Austral, San Pedro de Atacama and outside of Chile, especially Argentina, Bolivia and Perú”.

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Iván Reyes
Founder and owner of Motorent Chile