Motorent Chile

The 2012 sold 53,000, and by 2013 are projected 66,000 new units. They are inexpensive, easily possible to clear congestion, pollute less than a car and each time have better technology. The motorcycle market is booming and between users, women join the trend.

In recent years, the boom for motorbikes has strongly perceived in the country. In 2012, the market grew 27%, according to figures from the National Association of Importers of Motocicl

etas (Anim), noted that this increase reflected the third consecutive year. Last year 53,143 vehicles were sold and such importers expect this pace to continue in 2013, with projected sales of 66,400 units, a record for Chile. According to the president of Anim, Sergio Baracatt, “continue steady expansion in the short and medium term.”

With these data, we can say that the sale of motorcycles in India is growing rapidly and urban models are preferred, to address traffic blocks, and they are also economic, since these give up to 45 kilometers per liter. “The savings is huge, we’re talking to a normal course, where a person can take between an hour and an hour and a half by car or public transport, bike can be done in 20 or 25 minutes,” says Baracatt. The benefits of this transport are innumerable. In fact, according to a study involving the Department of Transportation and Logistics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Catholic University, the motorcycle today is the best transport system.

“Just to name a few, are saving time and money, lower pollution levels, and a greater sense of freedom and mobility,” says Rodrigo Escobar, head of Administration, Marketing and Promotion division of Honda Motor Motorcycle Chile. In this boom helps slow growth of road infrastructure of our country, so that the bikes have become an excellent choice to avoid congestion and to address the long journeys by public transport.

“There is a tacit benefit, in which people make the assessment of what is the alternative cost of travel by the public system. So people say I spend $ 30 or $ 40 thousand dollars a month in the Transantiago and for $ 25 or $ 30 000 monthly I can buy my own transportation and it is an investment that will allow you to manage your time, “says Felipe Desmadryl commercial manager of Yamaha Motorcycles.

In this context, the expert explained that currently are developing brand bikes with advanced technological features at lower prices. “They are extremely efficient bikes from the point of view of consumption, comfortable to handle and urban” he says.

Source: La Tercera, Pasión en la ruta
Author: Silvana Labra